In July 2011, an organization was founded dedicated to education about Sami and Sami-North American history and culture and for the purpose of establishing a cultural center to serve the Sami immigrant North American population and other interested people. The Center provides an office, library (the Faith Fjeld Memorial Library), and archives that are hosting scholars, genealogists, family and community historians.

We are conducting classes on Sami history and culture, handicrafts, genealogy, and other relevant topics; hosting visitors and cultural experts from Sapmi or other areas of the U.S. and Canada for the purposes of exchange of cultural information, teaching, and research; and providing internship opportunities to students from local colleges and universities. We have some exhibit area for Sami and Sami-North American displays and are looking to expand that area.

There have always been close ties between the North American Sami community and Native American individuals and communities. The Center continues to foster and grow those relationships. Environmental issues and spiritual connections to nature are of great importance to Sami people and are emphasized at the Center. This is presently the only such center solely dedicated to the Sami in North America.

Please Note:  The Sami Cultural Center is no longer open on Tuesdays, but is open by appointment only. Please email for more information or to make an appointment.